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We are all in this together.

I have invited a few of my friends and colleagues here to this page (some with whom I work) to share knowledge and skills;

which is in my opinion, the way forward. 

#Vinny M Grant

Trauma Release and Change Work







A Definition of Trauma

A trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event; that can overwhelm an individual's ability to cope and function in their everyday life.

When a person experiences an emotional trauma, the memory is assigned a negative response to it.  Moving forwards; this can be re-triggered at any time should the person be presented with any sensory information - Visual, Sound, Smell or Taste - that is similar to the circumstances of the event that took place.

#Craig Whitewood-Khan

Are you intrigued by Quantum Jumping? What is it?

Quantum Jumping is traversing what is known as the multiverse. Travelling to other selves that exist in other realities/worlds/universes that made different life choices to us in this reality, as well as past lives and those of our departed ancestors. We can resolve issues faced in this life, other lives and in those of our direct ancestors. This is ancestral healing as well as deep personal and interpersonal healing, albeit the quick way. Through practice and not even that much compared to many modalities we can learn to Quantum Jump and start to navigate our lives with ease and grace through developing a much more detached view of where we've been and where we are going. And it is a distinctly advantageous method of developing real freedom of choice.

Instead of being in a reactive state, we enter a creative state of mind

How do we do it? Ask me!

  Joseph H Cannariato

Natural Medicine

Did you know that some of the finest nutraceuticals in the world are made in Wisconsin? AcuHeal NOVA proudly distributes prescription-based supplements from Ortho Molecular and Standard Process. These prescription-based supplements are far superior to what is available over the counter at your local retail outlet, due to proprietary formulations and superior potency.

With the expert training of a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, as well as ongoing continuing education, AcuHeal NOVA practitioner Joseph Cannariato is able to tailor nutraceuticals to fit your needs.


Kit and Simon Stapely own and run the Clinic at Queen Camel in Somerset. They have state of the art technology from the ground breaking Cellsonic Machine (click on the pic) to the extensive health creation mentoring program. Please click the above image for more information. This is sound healing technology at its best.

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